About Matthew O’Callaghan

Matthew O’Callaghan provides workplace relations advice to public and private sector organizations throughout Australia.

That advice ranges from assisting in the negotiation of workplace agreements, the resolution and avoidance of industrial and employee disputes and planning for major workplace change.

Matthew O’Callaghan was a Senior Deputy President of the Fair Work Commission and the former Australian Industrial Relations Commission from 2001 to his retirement in 2017. He was involved in workplace relations issues throughout Australia with primary involvement in South Australia and Western Australia.

Matthew has held senior roles in the South Australian Public Sector.  He was formerly the Chief Executive of the South Australian Department of Industrial Affairs and was, at various times, responsible for printing, fleet management, forensic science and other functions.

Before entering the public service, Matthew  was the Chief Executive of the South Australian Employer’s Federation, which has subsequently become Business SA. He has had particularly extensive involvement in major civil and mechanical construction projects throughout Australia. He commenced his workplace relations career with BHP in the Whyalla Steelworks.

What does Matthew do now?

He certainly has not retired!  He undertakes a broad range of the work which interests him and enjoys helping businesses become more productive through his company Occo Services Pty Ltd ATF Occo Services Trust.

Matthew undertakes a broad range of specialist workplace relations advisory work, including the resolution and avoidance of traditional industrial relations issues and assisting businesses work more collaboratively with their employees. In today’s complex workplace relations environment this often extends to assisting businesses to ensure that they apply policies and processes to demonstrate workplace fairness.

Whilst his client list is extensive, individual clients are not identified.

Matthew is also the President of the South Australian Remuneration Tribunal which is an independent Tribunal established to review and determine remuneration for certain public office holders in South Australia.